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September 20-21, 2019, Radisson Blu, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Conference Programme in Details

GTF Conference Gearing Up

Bangladesh: What’s Next-Mantras for growth

Global experts analyse, strategise and draw roadmap for the growth of Bangladesh industry...discussing possible mantras of growth like Backward linkages and Verticalisation, Higher Valued products, Branding, penetrating into Emerging Markets, and Collaborations & Cooperations... What are the strengths and opportunities Bangladesh can count on? Also how should Bangladesh fight infrastructure and logistic bottlenecks for faster growth?

The World of Cotton

A good start is half the battle won. The need of the hour for Bangladesh is to have better control over all the factors that impact raw material input costs through efficient sourcing, quality, buffering global supply and demand fluctuations and risk hedging. And further targeting higher value additions through conversions into yarns, fabrics, garments ...a fibre to fashion journey.

Business of Brands

Ever increasing expectations of global brands in terms of shorter lead time, reducing volumes, squeezing prices and increasing investments in technological gradation... the business is increasingly becoming is Bangladesh gearing up to take its industry to the next level?.... Global brand leaders share their experiences and expectations from Bangladesh.

Denims and Jeanswear

Denims and Jeanswear have contributed significantly towards the growth of Bangladesh. Being one of the largest exporters to the USA and the EU, Bangladesh today can boast of the finest jeans manufacturing eco-system. Increasing denim garment exports have made Bangladesh one of the largest denim fabric consuming countries in the world. More and more global denim fabric manufacturers are converging on Bangladesh with their specialized and innovative products, while the local industry is rapidly increasing denim fabric manufacturing.

Sportswear, Athleisure & Performance Textiles and Clothing

The current global trend is increasing consumption and marketing of sportswear, athleisure and performance clothing and fabrics. Bangladesh needs to gear up for upgrading this sector to continue its growth. A lot of technological innovation, fresh investments, knowledge and skill sets are needed to penetrate into this newer area.

Sustainability & Compliance: The new face of Bangladesh

Bangladesh today can boast of the maximum number of green and compliant factories in the world, having faced the challenge boldly…but still a lot needs to be done to meet sustainable, compliant and transparent manufacturing processes and to follow the best practices to retain global buyers.

Technology Upgradation & Apparel 4.0

Automations, new technologies, IT, Artificial Intelligence and robotics are entering garment manufacturing in a big way. Buyers are looking for fewer factories as suppliers but factories with modern technology and high efficiency. Advanced technology is also a safer bet for survival and better business profitability.

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